Choosing your first set of irons as a beginner golfer

Nothing evokes sense of wonder in me more than shopping for golf clubs. I know it may seem crazy, but i love comparing different options and getting the best clubs for myself. Probably that’s the reason for why i got to be so good at it. The second best thing would be, actually carrying these clubs home or, if i ordered them online, getting the delivery. I especially like shopping for a set of irons, because they are the clubs that remain for longest time in your bag so golfers tend to form an attachment with these clubs. At least i do. I also think that irons are most important part of your golf club set, so you should choose them with a lot of care. Once you’ve gotten used to playing with certain irons, it’s hard to switch to others. Same could not be said for drivers or any other types of club. What i mean to prove is that you should choose your first set of irons with a lot of care.

I think there are two key characteristics that not only irons, but all golf clubs should be judged on. One of those is the question of distance vs forgiveness and the other is how golf club feels when you hit it. Granted, the first one is easy to tell based on description of a club, but second is pretty hard to guess without actually holding a golf club. That’s why i always recommend to everyone to actually visit brick-and-mortar golf stores instead of buying golf clubs off of Amazon. Let’s save that for later though. Right now, let’s talk about these two attributes of every golf club set. First of all, you should prioritize which one you prefer – distance and ease of use, or accuracy. If you’re a senior who’s just getting started in golf, i would recommend going with the former. TaylorMade M4 is great club that mixes both of these qualities and offers great set of irons for beginners and intermediate golfers alike. You can read more about that set in this senior’s irons review by GolfClubsGuru. On the other hand, if you are somewhat experienced golfer, you have no need for ease of use, and should choose iron set that is designed for skilled golfers.

Although it must be noted that sometimes it’s smarter to get golf irons that are made for highly skilled golfers even if you aren’t one yourself. I’ve heard from many of my friends who did this, that having these irons pushed them to get better and further increased the motivation they already had to improve their golfing skills. For it to work, you have to be sure that you’re motivated to learn to play golf better. Otherwise, getting advanced clubs might make you even more frustrated than you already where and you might be tempted to give up playing golf altogether.

Manufacturers usually make many types of irons, ranging from extremely easy to use to more hard core-ish irons. The irons that are easy to use and help you achieve better results are called game improvement irons, while the irons that are harder to use are called player’s irons. From now on, i will refer to these two types of irons as such.  Game improvement irons are well-suited to players who are looking for a golf club that will allow them to make the ball fly further, but aren’t as concerned about the workability or accuracy of the shot. Player’s irons are the other way round. You should use them if you are sure in your abilities and have practiced your swing enough to not make common mistakes.

One last thing i should clear up is the difference between irons that are forged and the rest. To summarize, cast irons vary more in terms of how they’re designed. Manufacturers can experiment more with these types of irons, while forged irons are more standardized and don’t allow as much room for experimentation.

That was my tutorial on choosing your first set of irons, i hope it was helpful to someone.

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