Forged vs Standard irons – Which one is better, and why?

Choosing good iron for yourself has always been a daunting task. And the fact that there are thousands of self-proclaimed experts, who claim to know everything there is to know about golf irons, only makes it worse. Beginners receive dozens of different advice, which confuses them and makes it all harder to take a step in the right direction. If you are a beginner, it’s the best to take advice from someone who has already been in your position and is familiar with your needs and concerns. I’d recommend reading this GolfClubsGuru post about beginners’ irons and tips on choosing them.

Now, one of the things that these experts can’t seem to agree on, is which one is better – forged or standard, cast irons. It’s one of those debates that have been going on for so long that it seems unlikely to ever end. Truth is, both types of irons are decent, and it depends on individual maker of the iron rather than forged / non forged classification. Biggest mistake these tutorials and golf bloggers seem to make is that assume that everyone has same needs as them, so if a specific golf club set has worked for them, it will surely work for everyone. Whether you find golf club set good or not, depends on your handicap, experience level and many other details that are usually ignored when given advice on choosing the best irons for beginners or seniors.

Now, the biggest difference between these two types of irons is the way they are made. The processes are very different, which is why some golfers feel that being forged or cast has a lot to do with golf iron’s efficiency.

Forged irons are made from solid gold being cut and adjusted to certain shape to achieve the best design and performance, much like some of furniture (from wood). Biggest manufacturer of forged irons is Mizuno, with their famous JPX line, that has conquered american market with high prices and high sales. The difficult making process might be the reason behind forged irons’ high prices, but some people (including myself) believe that quality is higher, too.

Cast irons, on the other hand, are made by liquidating the steel and giving it certain form by pouring it into the pre-made mold. One of the biggest advantages of casting irons is that it’s so much easier to tweak certain things in design to make it perfect. Manufacturers are also able to mix in other materials to give steel better characteristics and improve golf iron’s performance. Ping is probably the biggest maker of cast irons right now.

While cast irons are cheaper on average, that doesn’t prove that forged irons are better or more game-improvement. It absolutely depends on individual golfer and individual design or model of a golf club. Some people might tell you that all good players eventually start playing with forged clubs, because they’re better. False. While some of them do choose to play with Mizuno’s irons, others prefer cast irons.