Can game improvement golf clubs really help beginners?

As the sheer number of active golfers is declining, golf club manufacturers are coming up with new ways to sell more clubs and save their businesses. That usually means more investment in golf club-related innovations and releasing those clubs more frequently. It is no secret that when it comes to golf clubs, design is changing faster than it ever has. Brands have also invented entire new types of clubs, like hybrids or driving irons. That may be in part due to technology, but i think most important reason is golfers’ demand for game improvement clubs, especially the irons. I think irons are particularly in demand because they are much harder to use than other types of clubs.

Lots of beginners find it very hard to hit the irons properly. That’s why hybrids were developed, as they are much easier to hit. There are also many other problems that beginners face. Slice is the most common and widespread, not only among beginners, but experienced golfers as well. Even years of practice won’t absolutely protect you from the danger of making a slice. Even though making one is not the end of the world, most golfers prefer to avoid slices at all costs. To that effect, there are few things one can do. Most common solution is related to the spirit of this tutorial and is probably obvious – buying game improvement irons.

How exactly can golf clubs fix your slicing problem though? There are two most popular design approaches to that problem. One is pretty straightforward and represented by design of offset drivers. These drivers are designed with intentionally mis-aligned club face, which reduces the worst effects of a slice on the end results. The problem with this solution is that it only hides the problem of making a slice, it doesn’t fix it. In fact, i think that the only way you can truly fix your slicing problem, if it can be fixed at all, is by deliberate practice every day. The second, and in my opinion more favorable approach to cure your slice, is using draw driver. These clubs also reduce likelihood of making a slice, but they do it without fundamentally altering the design of clubhead. The main methods used are weight positioning and tweaking club face to make sweet spot larger. I believe the latter approach is much better and leads to both – fantastic results and actual progress in players’ skills.

There is one misconception about golf clubs that i need to address. That misconception is that the more expensive golf club is, the more it will help your game. That’s absolutely not true. Club being high end certainly doesn’t hurt, but there are many other aspects of a golf club that are just as important. Few that come to mind are fitting, length of a club, weight of a club. A knowledgeable golfer will easily buy better golf club for much cheaper by using his knowledge of golf clubs. One way to do that is by taking a look at used golf club listings.

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