Choosing golf clubs as a beginner

It is very hard to get started in golf. There are so many things to look out for : rules, equipment, slangs and specific golf vocabulary, just to name a few. All of it sometimes seems confusing to me, someone who has been playing golf for past few years. Now imagine how confusing it must seem to complete beginner. The most important decision that beginners make is definitely their choice of golf clubs. Getting something that doesn’t match their needs might result in hundreds or even thousands of dollars being wasted. No one wants that, so i decided to write this tutorial to help beginners with the process of landing on golf clubs to get for themselves. By the way, here are some recommendations for beginners and intermediate golfers. I think we can all agree that writing a guide on golf clubs for beginners is well worth my time and they would be better off if they spent a little time reading it too.

The key to choosing the best golf clubs for yourself is knowing your swing style and your body in general. Everyone hits the ball with different bias, so the best golf club for a person will be the one that corrects that bias most effectively. That’s why i think that knowing your body is the most important part of the equation on your way to success in golf. So when choosing golf clubs for yourself as a beginner, don’t get advice from some stranger on the streets, or anyone who doesn’t have any information about your playing style. Instead, i would recommend either : going to a golf instructor and finding out the areas where you need work and working on them, or going to your local sporting goods store and trying out many different clubs until you find the one that works best for you.

First and foremost, the most important characteristic of a body to keep in mind when choosing golf clubs for yourself, is your height, or more precisely, length of your arms. These two lengths are related, but that is a topic for later. Length of a golf club that is most suited for your needs will also depend on the length of your arms. 

When choosing golf clubs as a beginner in 2019, you should also pay attention to the materials used when building the club. For optimal performance, you want a club that is light and well-designed. Lightness is important because a golf club will be easier to carry around and also because it will be simpler / easier to swing. It shouldn’t be too light though. So when it comes to golf clubs, light is better, but golf club shouldn’t be flimsy or it won’t have enough power on impact with the ball. Material of a shaft is also important, as it determines forgiveness levels of a club and many other important things. 

Another important feature of a golf club that will affect your game significantly is the loft. You should land on the loft setting of your golf clubs depending on how you hit the ball. If you tend to launch the ball high, loft setting should be low too, and the opposite. Experienced golfers usually go for low loft golf clubs, because they tend to produce better results. On the other hand, beginners often have problems with launching their balls high, and high lofted golf clubs solve that problem perfectly. So, keep that in mind when choosing a golf club.

Choosing your first set of irons as a beginner golfer

Nothing evokes sense of wonder in me more than shopping for golf clubs. I know it may seem crazy, but i love comparing different options and getting the best clubs for myself. Probably that’s the reason for why i got to be so good at it. The second best thing would be, actually carrying these clubs home or, if i ordered them online, getting the delivery. I especially like shopping for a set of irons, because they are the clubs that remain for longest time in your bag so golfers tend to form an attachment with these clubs. At least i do. I also think that irons are most important part of your golf club set, so you should choose them with a lot of care. Once you’ve gotten used to playing with certain irons, it’s hard to switch to others. Same could not be said for drivers or any other types of club. What i mean to prove is that you should choose your first set of irons with a lot of care.

I think there are two key characteristics that not only irons, but all golf clubs should be judged on. One of those is the question of distance vs forgiveness and the other is how golf club feels when you hit it. Granted, the first one is easy to tell based on description of a club, but second is pretty hard to guess without actually holding a golf club. That’s why i always recommend to everyone to actually visit brick-and-mortar golf stores instead of buying golf clubs off of Amazon. Let’s save that for later though. Right now, let’s talk about these two attributes of every golf club set. First of all, you should prioritize which one you prefer – distance and ease of use, or accuracy. If you’re a senior who’s just getting started in golf, i would recommend going with the former. TaylorMade M4 is great club that mixes both of these qualities and offers great set of irons for beginners and intermediate golfers alike. You can read more about that set in this senior’s irons review by GolfClubsGuru. On the other hand, if you are somewhat experienced golfer, you have no need for ease of use, and should choose iron set that is designed for skilled golfers.

Although it must be noted that sometimes it’s smarter to get golf irons that are made for highly skilled golfers even if you aren’t one yourself. I’ve heard from many of my friends who did this, that having these irons pushed them to get better and further increased the motivation they already had to improve their golfing skills. For it to work, you have to be sure that you’re motivated to learn to play golf better. Otherwise, getting advanced clubs might make you even more frustrated than you already where and you might be tempted to give up playing golf altogether.

Manufacturers usually make many types of irons, ranging from extremely easy to use to more hard core-ish irons. The irons that are easy to use and help you achieve better results are called game improvement irons, while the irons that are harder to use are called player’s irons. From now on, i will refer to these two types of irons as such.  Game improvement irons are well-suited to players who are looking for a golf club that will allow them to make the ball fly further, but aren’t as concerned about the workability or accuracy of the shot. Player’s irons are the other way round. You should use them if you are sure in your abilities and have practiced your swing enough to not make common mistakes.

One last thing i should clear up is the difference between irons that are forged and the rest. To summarize, cast irons vary more in terms of how they’re designed. Manufacturers can experiment more with these types of irons, while forged irons are more standardized and don’t allow as much room for experimentation.

That was my tutorial on choosing your first set of irons, i hope it was helpful to someone.

What are the rescue clubs?

On the golf course, as well as in online discussions, you’ll often hear about “rescue club”. That’s why, in my opinion, a lot of golfers are interested in them and have asked me about these mysterious clubs that are supposed to rescue you. In truth, rescue clubs are just another name for hybrids. They are called so because of their versatility on the golf course. Hybrids can rescue you from any bad position that you get yourself into, hence the name. This quality is more or less present in different hybrids though. So by rescue clubs, most people, including myself, refer to clubs that are more versatile than average. As most hybrids, rescue clubs are also very easy to hit, which is probably why beginner golfers like them so much.

When they were first introduced in 2002, probably not even the biggest advocates for rescue clubs could predict how wildly successful hybrid golf clubs would become. They were first created as a solution to the problem of long irons being difficult to hit. Hybrids soon eclipsed both woods and irons in popularity. They are not only easier to hit, but also much lighter and better designed. For a long time, TaylorMade, who made the first rescue club, was the leader in making them, but in recent years, other brands, like Callaway and Ping, have made a lot of meaningful as well. They have improved upon TaylorMade R&D team’s efforts, and have made hybrid golf clubs even better.

As a beginner, the benefits of using rescue clubs (aka Hybrids) is probably obvious to you. Many beginners struggle with the difficulty of swinging irons. Surprisingly enough though, there are even more experienced golfers who love using hybrids for their versatility. Seniors find them easier to hit as well, because hybrids are lighter than other types of clubs. These are just few of the advantages that hybrids have over other types of golf clubs. They do have some drawbacks as well. For example, many professional golfers prefer to use long irons instead of hybrids. Hitting long irons properly is hard, but once you’ve learned how to do it, results tend to be a little bit better than those of hybrids. On golf tournaments, even little bit makes a difference, so pros usually choose long irons.

Solid rescue clubs cost somewhere between hundred and thousand dollars. Decent ones will be on the lower end of that spectrum, while if you want quality rescue club, you should expect to pay at least three or more hundred dollars. Difference in performance is worth it you’re looking to maximize your potential, but if you’re just a casual golfer, there’s no point in spending that much on one rescue club when you can get entire set for the same price. One way a lot of people reduce their costs is by buying entire set of clubs, instead of buying them individually. There’s also option of buying used golf clubs. It takes some skill to distinguish between good used clubs and bad ones, so if you’re inexperienced, i would advise sticking with new clubs.

Can game improvement golf clubs really help beginners?

As the sheer number of active golfers is declining, golf club manufacturers are coming up with new ways to sell more clubs and save their businesses. That usually means more investment in golf club-related innovations and releasing those clubs more frequently. It is no secret that when it comes to golf clubs, design is changing faster than it ever has. Brands have also invented entire new types of clubs, like hybrids or driving irons. That may be in part due to technology, but i think most important reason is golfers’ demand for game improvement clubs, especially the irons. I think irons are particularly in demand because they are much harder to use than other types of clubs.

Lots of beginners find it very hard to hit the irons properly. That’s why hybrids were developed, as they are much easier to hit. There are also many other problems that beginners face. Slice is the most common and widespread, not only among beginners, but experienced golfers as well. Even years of practice won’t absolutely protect you from the danger of making a slice. Even though making one is not the end of the world, most golfers prefer to avoid slices at all costs. To that effect, there are few things one can do. Most common solution is related to the spirit of this tutorial and is probably obvious – buying game improvement irons.

How exactly can golf clubs fix your slicing problem though? There are two most popular design approaches to that problem. One is pretty straightforward and represented by design of offset drivers. These drivers are designed with intentionally mis-aligned club face, which reduces the worst effects of a slice on the end results. The problem with this solution is that it only hides the problem of making a slice, it doesn’t fix it. In fact, i think that the only way you can truly fix your slicing problem, if it can be fixed at all, is by deliberate practice every day. The second, and in my opinion more favorable approach to cure your slice, is using draw driver. These clubs also reduce likelihood of making a slice, but they do it without fundamentally altering the design of clubhead. The main methods used are weight positioning and tweaking club face to make sweet spot larger. I believe the latter approach is much better and leads to both – fantastic results and actual progress in players’ skills.

There is one misconception about golf clubs that i need to address. That misconception is that the more expensive golf club is, the more it will help your game. That’s absolutely not true. Club being high end certainly doesn’t hurt, but there are many other aspects of a golf club that are just as important. Few that come to mind are fitting, length of a club, weight of a club. A knowledgeable golfer will easily buy better golf club for much cheaper by using his knowledge of golf clubs. One way to do that is by taking a look at used golf club listings.


Few reasons why you should not let your relationship status define your personality

I think one of the biggest problems in today’s world is how sexualised it is. At every corner, you’re told that you have to do this or that to get partners easily and be happy. But as someone who has had several girlfriends over the years, i must say, that statement, that having girlfriend equals happiness, couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially with the social media, where people like to parade themselves and their significant others, and do their best to make themselves and their relationship look perfect. While in truth, they’re constantly fighting and not getting along. Most of the people are this way, and when they see people like me, who choose to stay single until we find someone who we can actually click with, they see us as weird and strange. In modern world, being lonely is seen as sign of weakness, while i can argue that it is the opposite. I think being alone is the best time to explore yourself and define your character. When you’re around a group of friends or in relationship, you tend to compromise part of your beliefs. And i don’t thinking adapting to fit in is something to be ashamed of, we all do it at some level. But at some point, it gets unhealthy and you have to really look out to notice it. That’s what was happening to me before i got out of my last relationship and that’s why i choose to remain single for a while now. 

So now, my best advice would be to go out and do you. If you like golf like i do, go out and spend the money that you were supposed to spend on your girlfriend on something you actually like, like golf clubs for me. You’ll surely be pressured by society to get a partner, and it will run so deep that you’ll notice yourself getting self conscious, feeling that you are not good enough to get someone. But always remember that it’s just a choice you’re making to develop yourself by taking time off. Go out and have fun, with your friends or alone. Having no friends is whole another topic, and i won’t discuss it here. For me, that having fun was hanging out on golf course with my friends and playing golf for most of my free time. It was really liberating and one of the best decisions i’ve made in my life, as it allowed me think everything through and get back  on track with my life.

I’m not advocating against women here, as there are both kinds of women – the ones that will push you to become better, and the ones who will affect you negatively. I’m just saying that even if you aren’t able to find good one yet, you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it and continue living your life until that one enters your life. Just don’t allow society to shame you into entering relationship if you don’t like the person, i guess that’s all i was trying to say with this.

How to find accommodation in Bali as a family

You’ll not have any problems finding something ideal for the demands. There are 3 chief options you’ll likely consider — Bali family hotels, spa in Bali and spa.

Hotels are the more affordable option with rooms and also maybe not much else (even though hotels do some times call themselves hotels). Family hotels in Bali are apt to possess multiple restaurants and pools, children club, gymnasium and several other centers and might consist of tasks along with the alternative of a inclusive stay (that ensures that foods, beverages and other items might be contained).

Family resorts in Bali may be a superb alternative for bali holidays with kiddies. This typically implies an whole home or apartment with a private yard that regularly contains a private pool. Some even include staff.

All these really are a superb option but bear in your mind that the pools have been seldom manicured and a number of the villas are available atmosphere significance there might not be a wall in the living room along with your own pool. This could well not be an issue with older children but may create headaches for people with younger kiddies. Thankfully, you could seek the services of a pool fencing — test services out like that. Or you may only do exactly what we did and seek the services of a villa that’s totally enclosed so that the youngsters can not unwittingly wind up in the swimming pool.

Kuta is notorious at Australia whilst the party capital of Bali and that’s what you should see here. This is really where the majority of the activity participate in Bali. It’s also where all these budget accommodation choices live as effectively since a number of the largest hotels. If you would like some thing just a little bit quieter but nonetheless near the actions, Arabian Legian may be excellent option.

The Bali Dynasty Resort is among the best Bali spa resorts. That is only because it’s only excellent facilities for kiddies.

Ontop of multiple pools, then there’s really a 56 metre waterslide. Even more intriguing to children would be your water park and water pleasure zone. There’s also a children club with a backyard playground. There are a great deal of room types including ones made particularly for the families.

Seminyak is a ever more common shore area to keep only up the trail from Legian. It’s famous to be somewhat cuter (and more pricey) and is just a wonderful alternative if you’re searching for the ideal family condos in Bali — even several of them are here.

My recent golf driver upgrade – What are golf drivers like now in 2017

I started going to golf course and actively playing back in early 2016, as soon as i moved to Texas. I always wanted to play golf, and after moving here, i thought it was a perfect time to pick it up. At first, i bought affordable golf club set made by Callaway. I have no complaints about the set – it served me well, especially at the beginning, when i had no skill and had to experiment and learn by failing. The club set withstood all the challenges, and clubs still look as new today. But recently, i realized that my skills have dramatically improved, so it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade my driver. I decided to upgrade my driver for several reasons. 1. Compared to irons and woods, drivers are much more important for your game and 2. They are much cheaper as well. Even top notch drivers like Callaway’s Big Bertha cost no more than five hundred dollars, which is reasonable for me. Plus, i didn’t want Big Bertha driver anyway – i was looking something decent for affordable price.

There were few beginners golf drivers that have been brought to my attention by my friends, but i didn’t like any of them. I also didn’t like the ones salesman tried to push on me in my local golf retailer. I get that their job is to encourage us to spend money, but some salesmen go too far and are not even remotely helpful.

So after going through best drivers for beginners, i settled on Blue Driver by adams. The reason why i chose this particular driver is because it had tons of positive reviews and feedback by customers, and unlike other drivers – didn’t feel overpriced. Plus, a friend of mine owned one, and when i asked him, he described it as “the best driver ever”, so i didn’t really have to think much and bought it straight away. I didn’t set my expectations too high though – i knew i was paying moderately affordable price, so i kept in mind to not expect something extraordinary. I was pleasantly surprised.

After using it for 6 months now, i must agree – this driver is remarkable and helped me improve my golf performance a lot. Everyone notices my new driver and compliments me on it – my buddies on golf course and at home. I didn’t really expect this ordinary driver to turn out to be this good, but surprisingly, it did.

A lot of people have also asked me about best place to buy golf clubs right now. I can’t really talk about big golf retail stores like GolfSmith (as of 2017, there’s a bit of controversy about golfsmith) because i don’t have one in my town, but i have ordered my first set from Amazon and the experience has been remarkable. I have bought the other set from small golf retailer in my town. It is independent store, so i doubt naming it would benefit anyone.

Is golf dying? What are the reasons for it?

I saw a discussion on reddit about golf dying out, and it got me thinking. I took part in discussion, but wanted to write entire post about golf’s decline and reasons behind it. Signs are obvious – for example, Nike decided to back off from making any more golf clubs. Their sales wasn’t the problem, but the declining golf industry itself.

In my opinion, there are various major reasons behind golf’s decline. Biggest of all, obviously, is the fact that baby boomers, who are very much into golf, are aging, and sometimes unfortunately dying. And even though golf is great sport for seniors, some of them give it up. I doubt it’s because of high-costs of seniors golf clubs, because older people are not usually the ones concerned with tight budget. On the other hand, video games and other distractions are keeping young people from getting into golf. Back in 80s and 90s, there was not a lot of options for spending free time on entertainment. There were few shows on TV, very basic video games and that was pretty much it. While now, with the technology and video game development, our options are endless. There is literally thousands of hours of excellent gaming material, and considering how difficult and expensive golf is, it is logical that young people choose to play games and do other things instead.

As i mentioned above, another reason for golf’s decline, in my opinion, is the cost. Prices for other sport equipment have dropped dramatically, mainly because of advancements in technology and outsourcing, but prices for golf clubs have remained high. And as the land appreciated, golf courses are becoming more expensive every year. And while these things are usually paid for by companies (considered a business expense, because a lot of business happens on golf course) it’s still expensive for individuals.

I am 25 year old golfer myself, and have been since i was 21. It is very rare for me to meet a person of my age who plays golf. And that is kind of discouraging, because golf is a competitive game that should be played with friends to bring full enjoyment. Golf is also viewed as elitist sport among the youngsters, so poor public image might be one more reason to make juniors reluctant to get into golf.

The solution, i think, is for golf manufacturers and PGA itself to realize that times are changing, and they have to change as well. If golf doesn’t start appealing to younger generation, their businesses are going down the drains. Reducing the high prices of golf gear and courses would be a good start.

The way golf courses are built need to be changed too. In the 60s and 70s, wealthy could still afford to pay the dues and  go to private golf clubs, but that has changed. Another problem with the design is that it’s too complicated and made hard intentionally. No one wants to play sport that they suck at.

I don’t think it’s a question of preference – it’s what they have to do in order to survive, and i hope they realize that.

Forged vs Standard irons – Which one is better, and why?

Choosing good iron for yourself has always been a daunting task. And the fact that there are thousands of self-proclaimed experts, who claim to know everything there is to know about golf irons, only makes it worse. Beginners receive dozens of different advice, which confuses them and makes it all harder to take a step in the right direction. If you are a beginner, it’s the best to take advice from someone who has already been in your position and is familiar with your needs and concerns. I’d recommend reading this GolfClubsGuru post about beginners’ irons and tips on choosing them.

Now, one of the things that these experts can’t seem to agree on, is which one is better – forged or standard, cast irons. It’s one of those debates that have been going on for so long that it seems unlikely to ever end. Truth is, both types of irons are decent, and it depends on individual maker of the iron rather than forged / non forged classification. Biggest mistake these tutorials and golf bloggers seem to make is that assume that everyone has same needs as them, so if a specific golf club set has worked for them, it will surely work for everyone. Whether you find golf club set good or not, depends on your handicap, experience level and many other details that are usually ignored when given advice on choosing the best irons for beginners or seniors.

Now, the biggest difference between these two types of irons is the way they are made. The processes are very different, which is why some golfers feel that being forged or cast has a lot to do with golf iron’s efficiency.

Forged irons are made from solid gold being cut and adjusted to certain shape to achieve the best design and performance, much like some of furniture (from wood). Biggest manufacturer of forged irons is Mizuno, with their famous JPX line, that has conquered american market with high prices and high sales. The difficult making process might be the reason behind forged irons’ high prices, but some people (including myself) believe that quality is higher, too.

Cast irons, on the other hand, are made by liquidating the steel and giving it certain form by pouring it into the pre-made mold. One of the biggest advantages of casting irons is that it’s so much easier to tweak certain things in design to make it perfect. Manufacturers are also able to mix in other materials to give steel better characteristics and improve golf iron’s performance. Ping is probably the biggest maker of cast irons right now.

While cast irons are cheaper on average, that doesn’t prove that forged irons are better or more game-improvement. It absolutely depends on individual golfer and individual design or model of a golf club. Some people might tell you that all good players eventually start playing with forged clubs, because they’re better. False. While some of them do choose to play with Mizuno’s irons, others prefer cast irons.

Advantages of cycling while traveling alone

You would frequently pick preferred modes of transport, such as an aircraft or practice once you continue possibly a trip or a visit. Obviously, they would allow you to move from one spot. This might permit you to head to various locations on your itinerary without losing any work-time. But by happening an aircraft, you’d not be capable of go through the place’s elegance that you are in. the simplest way to do by travelling over a bicycle that is. This way, you’d be capable of get a feel of the scenery around you.

By travelling on the motorcycle in fact, if you’re likely to continue a vacation to Europe to find out every one of the wonderful areas there, the best way to-do it’s. Only then would you be capable of go through the Western culture first hand. You would not fully grasp this encounter if you take the aid of different settings of transportation. The only way you could have a much better ethnic experience in a region is in case you go. But that may not be a thing that you’d wish to accomplish.

Whenever you go to a town travelling on the bicycle, you would arrive at discover structure and some great art. You’d be capable of stop wherever you admire and would like the watch. It’d also be a brand new knowledge for you personally once you go through small and peaceful neighborhoods. This might not at all be feasible even though you continue a train or a. You’d also have a chance to collect some local souvenirs as well. Another benefit of proceeding a cycle is the fact that you would have the ability to taste beverages of the location and a few of the regional food.

On your own there’s no requirement for reasons as well as no requirement for constraint. You’re able to get tough in case you are having a superb morning. If you’re legs aren’t cooperating, you’ll be able to slow down. When it is just not exciting and cold anymore-you may slice the drive quick without having to warrant your decision, and you can include an extra loop if it is a wonderful day out on the bicycle. Plus, you have in an attempt to match your schedule in with somebody else’s, which implies you will find more possibilities to acquire on the bicycle. Absolutely something that implies more time while in the seat is a good point.
Close even once someone out hunting have dampened my commitment for exploring remote back-roads, snakes and shaves with dogs and hidden bush single-track when I am on my own personal. Alternatively, when solo cycling it’s all about accustomed channels where you’ll find about if anything goes wrong, other people. I loop and also try around closetohome or possibly a base level. Thus instead of using out 40 kilometres after which heading back to stand 80 kilometres up, I’ll do 2 or 3 smaller curls in numerous directions radiating out of a base. If anything goes wrong, that way it is much less far to limp back home.